Reality Check Cookies (aka Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Vicki: [Poring over cookbooks and magazines, flipping through pages of decadent cakes, luscious brownies and chewy cookies]

“How do you think I can make these diabetic friendly?”

Louis: “You make them. I don’t eat them.”

And that my friends, is the reality of having Type 1 Diabetes. Sometimes you just can’t. Can’t eat that cookie because you haven’t bolused for it. Can’t have dessert because there is just way too much carbs in that. Can’t have dinner because your blood glucose levels have inexplicably spiked and despite taking more insulin and exercising you can’t get it back down to a safe number, and you feel like shit and just never mind. Can’t. Continue reading Reality Check Cookies (aka Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik

Clare Bear: “Did you eat dinner last night?”

Me: [Furiously thinks: Am I super grumpy this morning? Have I been really cranky with everyone? Does Clare think I’m Hangry?!] “Yes, of course – why do you ask?”

Clare Bear: “Because you didn’t post a picture on your Instagram last night. I got worried.”

Me: …………

a decadent pile of four cheese & spinach mini maznik

As anyone who follows my Instagram knows, I might not have been blogging much the last year, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t cooking, and I certainly didn’t stop eating. Continue reading Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik