T1D and the Zombie Apocalypse (or Let’s eat Espinacs a La Catalana)

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Late last year, I may have experienced Facebook Rage while at the supermarket.  Technically, my rage actually started at the train station, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed while waiting for the train, and came across the below post by a group I was following:

"Today is International Diabetes Day. Now, some PR came across my laptop, and 'celebration' was used in their language... pics of happy people playing. I understand their marketing strategy, because they need to raise money for a 'cure'. Yet, I'm a tad ambivalent. Conversely (and more importantly), don't ever forget that food is also preventative. Every time you eat or drink... you are either feeding disease, or fighting it.I read this post.  I fumed. I posted a rant to my personal Facebook page.  I fumed.  I got off the train.  I fumed.  I walked to the supermarket.  I fumed. And by the time I made it into the fresh produce section, a compulsion overtook me, I whipped out my phone, opened up Facebook while standing next to the zucchinis, and wrote the following response in the comments of the offending post: Continue reading T1D and the Zombie Apocalypse (or Let’s eat Espinacs a La Catalana)

The Luddite (or Let’s eat Asparagus & Eggs!)

Asparagus and eggs

In terms of IT/technology related skills, I reached my peak at the age of about six or seven years old.  It was at this point that I was able to quite independently use the record player to put on some “Grease Lightnin” or “Blame it on the Boogie”.  I was also the only one in our household who knew how to use the timer on the VCR, which meant the only things we ever recorded were movies like “Zanadu”, or shows where the main characters all wore animal suits. Continue reading The Luddite (or Let’s eat Asparagus & Eggs!)

We’re Back! (or Let’s eat Soufflé and Sizzler cheese toast)


I read a great post by decor8 the other day, about how a blog is only dead when you are.  As I’m still ticking, I guess it means this blog is still well and truly alive!

It has been a horrendously long time since the last post, and I have all sorts of excuses.  The latest one, is a three week holiday which my mum took Louis and I on (thank you mum!).  Not just any holiday, this was my mum’s first foray into Europe.  It was an incredibly hectic non-stop sightseeing frenzy which barely left time for shopping *shock, horror*.  I’m still in denial that I only purchased two handbags.  Ah well, next time.

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Continue reading We’re Back! (or Let’s eat Soufflé and Sizzler cheese toast)