Reality Check Cookies (aka Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Vicki: [Poring over cookbooks and magazines, flipping through pages of decadent cakes, luscious brownies and chewy cookies]

“How do you think I can make these diabetic friendly?”

Louis: “You make them. I don’t eat them.”

And that my friends, is the reality of having Type 1 Diabetes. Sometimes you just can’t. Can’t eat that cookie because you haven’t bolused for it. Can’t have dessert because there is just way too much carbs in that. Can’t have dinner because your blood glucose levels have inexplicably spiked and despite taking more insulin and exercising you can’t get it back down to a safe number, and you feel like shit and just never mind. Can’t. Continue reading Reality Check Cookies (aka Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik

Clare Bear: “Did you eat dinner last night?”

Me: [Furiously thinks: Am I super grumpy this morning? Have I been really cranky with everyone? Does Clare think I’m Hangry?!] “Yes, of course – why do you ask?”

Clare Bear: “Because you didn’t post a picture on your Instagram last night. I got worried.”

Me: …………

a decadent pile of four cheese & spinach mini maznik

As anyone who follows my Instagram knows, I might not have been blogging much the last year, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t cooking, and I certainly didn’t stop eating. Continue reading Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik

Mushroom Pasta, and Apple Salad


Seven years ago today, Louis and I had our first date.   It almost didn’t happen.  This was back when we were both social butterflies, and we were having trouble lining up a date and time to meet.  In retrospect, we both must have been keen, as we ultimately agreed to meet late on a Friday night, after we had each been out to other parties.  So it was, that I found myself sitting at the counter of The City Wine Shop, with two bowls of spaghetti and meatballs.  I had ordered for both of us, as the kitchen was about to close, and Louis was still on his way.  As I sat by myself, the waiter who had been slicing bread behind the counter, grabbed some foil to wrap up the dishes and keep them warm.

Mandolin and apple
Louis and I are both scared of the mandolin – it is the sharpest thing in our kitchen. However we tolerate it, if only because it slices apples so well.

In my more fanciful moments, I retrospectively interpret the waiter’s act as the universe telling me that it would be worth waiting for what was to come.  And the  waiter/universe was not wrong.  Seven years later, and after all the ups and downs, I have zero regrets.  Those meatballs had been worth waiting for. 😉 Continue reading Mushroom Pasta, and Apple Salad

T1D and the Zombie Apocalypse (or Let’s eat Espinacs a La Catalana)

_MG_5175 copy

Late last year, I may have experienced Facebook Rage while at the supermarket.  Technically, my rage actually started at the train station, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed while waiting for the train, and came across the below post by a group I was following:

"Today is International Diabetes Day. Now, some PR came across my laptop, and 'celebration' was used in their language... pics of happy people playing. I understand their marketing strategy, because they need to raise money for a 'cure'. Yet, I'm a tad ambivalent. Conversely (and more importantly), don't ever forget that food is also preventative. Every time you eat or drink... you are either feeding disease, or fighting it.I read this post.  I fumed. I posted a rant to my personal Facebook page.  I fumed.  I got off the train.  I fumed.  I walked to the supermarket.  I fumed. And by the time I made it into the fresh produce section, a compulsion overtook me, I whipped out my phone, opened up Facebook while standing next to the zucchinis, and wrote the following response in the comments of the offending post: Continue reading T1D and the Zombie Apocalypse (or Let’s eat Espinacs a La Catalana)

Celebrate Nachos, come on!


This is a salad.  Actually, this is four salads.  At least, that is what I would have told you this was going to be, had you asked me back in May, what was going up on the blog in June: four salads – one for each glorious week of the month of June.  That was The Plan.  Of course, we’re now in July and all we have is this: Not A Salad (also known as Nachos).

There are probably a few questions going through your head right now, such as:

  1. So you do make vaguely healthy stuff?
  2. Do all your plans turn out this way? and
  3. Why on earth would you make salads in the middle of the freakin’, freezing winter?

Continue reading Celebrate Nachos, come on!