The Fight (or Let’s eat Coconut Macaroons)

Macaroons in a bowl


A recently refurbished restaurant, on trend, but subtle.  It is evening, and the restaurant is full of loud merry-makers.  In the corner, a couple sit at a table, having just happily finished their dinner.

[A waitress approaches the couple’s table, with a menu in hand.]

WAITRESS: Would you like to see the dessert menu?
WOMAN: Yes please.

[The waitress hands the woman the menu and wanders off.  The woman furrows her brow as she inspects the menu.]

WOMAN: I don’t know whether or not to have dessert…
MAN: How long has it been since you went to the gym?

[The woman puts down the menu and stares at the man. The restaurant falls silent.]

The answer to that question, is 140 days.  As of earlier this week, it had been 140 days since I had been to the gym.  I know this, because when I turned up to the gym (without my membership card – because I hadn’t seen that for at least 139 days), they punched my name into their computer, and their computer told them it had been 140 days since I last visited them.   We all know how I feel about computers. Continue reading The Fight (or Let’s eat Coconut Macaroons)