The Fight (or Let’s eat Coconut Macaroons)

Macaroons in a bowl


A recently refurbished restaurant, on trend, but subtle.  It is evening, and the restaurant is full of loud merry-makers.  In the corner, a couple sit at a table, having just happily finished their dinner.

[A waitress approaches the couple’s table, with a menu in hand.]

WAITRESS: Would you like to see the dessert menu?
WOMAN: Yes please.

[The waitress hands the woman the menu and wanders off.  The woman furrows her brow as she inspects the menu.]

WOMAN: I don’t know whether or not to have dessert…
MAN: How long has it been since you went to the gym?

[The woman puts down the menu and stares at the man. The restaurant falls silent.]

The answer to that question, is 140 days.  As of earlier this week, it had been 140 days since I had been to the gym.  I know this, because when I turned up to the gym (without my membership card – because I hadn’t seen that for at least 139 days), they punched my name into their computer, and their computer told them it had been 140 days since I last visited them.   We all know how I feel about computers. Continue reading The Fight (or Let’s eat Coconut Macaroons)

The Luddite (or Let’s eat Asparagus & Eggs!)

Asparagus and eggs

In terms of IT/technology related skills, I reached my peak at the age of about six or seven years old.  It was at this point that I was able to quite independently use the record player to put on some “Grease Lightnin” or “Blame it on the Boogie”.  I was also the only one in our household who knew how to use the timer on the VCR, which meant the only things we ever recorded were movies like “Zanadu”, or shows where the main characters all wore animal suits. Continue reading The Luddite (or Let’s eat Asparagus & Eggs!)

We’re Back! (or Let’s eat Soufflé and Sizzler cheese toast)


I read a great post by decor8 the other day, about how a blog is only dead when you are.  As I’m still ticking, I guess it means this blog is still well and truly alive!

It has been a horrendously long time since the last post, and I have all sorts of excuses.  The latest one, is a three week holiday which my mum took Louis and I on (thank you mum!).  Not just any holiday, this was my mum’s first foray into Europe.  It was an incredibly hectic non-stop sightseeing frenzy which barely left time for shopping *shock, horror*.  I’m still in denial that I only purchased two handbags.  Ah well, next time.

_MG_1776 copy

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Celebrate Nachos, come on!


This is a salad.  Actually, this is four salads.  At least, that is what I would have told you this was going to be, had you asked me back in May, what was going up on the blog in June: four salads – one for each glorious week of the month of June.  That was The Plan.  Of course, we’re now in July and all we have is this: Not A Salad (also known as Nachos).

There are probably a few questions going through your head right now, such as:

  1. So you do make vaguely healthy stuff?
  2. Do all your plans turn out this way? and
  3. Why on earth would you make salads in the middle of the freakin’, freezing winter?

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What’s in a name? (or Let’s eat Pasta!)

Alexa and Mini Alexa

When I started this blog, in my head I was aiming to post about once a month.  Louis and a few friends thought this was a little underdone and suggested I try for fortnightly.  One experienced blogger friend assured  me that I’d be pumping out weekly posts before I knew it… I think it is safe to say that my lowly expectations are far closer to the mark than my optimistic friends.  Work has been crazy busy, and I have spent the last two weeks living with a cold that must have come from one of the outer circles of hell.  As a result, I’ve been sitting on this post for over a month now.

_MG_8304-3 copy

I’m in complete awe of the bloggers who post several times a week, they are like the superwomen of this world.   Sure, some of them do this as a full time job, but then they also do things like write books and have babies, all while pumping out several scrumptious recipes a week.  Like I said, superwomen.  The closest thing I have to a superpower, is the uncanny ability to walk into any shop, and immediately point to the most expensive thing in there and declare ‘I want that’.  (Even this pales in comparison to my friend’s superpower: the uncanny ability to sing any 5ive, Backstreet Boys, Hanson or Spice Girls song released between 1996 and 2001, as well as all One Direction songs.  She did say it was a mild superpower). Continue reading What’s in a name? (or Let’s eat Pasta!)