Mushroom Pasta, and Apple Salad


Seven years ago today, Louis and I had our first date.   It almost didn’t happen.  This was back when we were both social butterflies, and we were having trouble lining up a date and time to meet.  In retrospect, we both must have been keen, as we ultimately agreed to meet late on a Friday night, after we had each been out to other parties.  So it was, that I found myself sitting at the counter of The City Wine Shop, with two bowls of spaghetti and meatballs.  I had ordered for both of us, as the kitchen was about to close, and Louis was still on his way.  As I sat by myself, the waiter who had been slicing bread behind the counter, grabbed some foil to wrap up the dishes and keep them warm.

Mandolin and apple
Louis and I are both scared of the mandolin – it is the sharpest thing in our kitchen. However we tolerate it, if only because it slices apples so well.

In my more fanciful moments, I retrospectively interpret the waiter’s act as the universe telling me that it would be worth waiting for what was to come.  And the  waiter/universe was not wrong.  Seven years later, and after all the ups and downs, I have zero regrets.  Those meatballs had been worth waiting for. 😉 Continue reading Mushroom Pasta, and Apple Salad

What’s in a name? (or Let’s eat Pasta!)

Alexa and Mini Alexa

When I started this blog, in my head I was aiming to post about once a month.  Louis and a few friends thought this was a little underdone and suggested I try for fortnightly.  One experienced blogger friend assured  me that I’d be pumping out weekly posts before I knew it… I think it is safe to say that my lowly expectations are far closer to the mark than my optimistic friends.  Work has been crazy busy, and I have spent the last two weeks living with a cold that must have come from one of the outer circles of hell.  As a result, I’ve been sitting on this post for over a month now.

_MG_8304-3 copy

I’m in complete awe of the bloggers who post several times a week, they are like the superwomen of this world.   Sure, some of them do this as a full time job, but then they also do things like write books and have babies, all while pumping out several scrumptious recipes a week.  Like I said, superwomen.  The closest thing I have to a superpower, is the uncanny ability to walk into any shop, and immediately point to the most expensive thing in there and declare ‘I want that’.  (Even this pales in comparison to my friend’s superpower: the uncanny ability to sing any 5ive, Backstreet Boys, Hanson or Spice Girls song released between 1996 and 2001, as well as all One Direction songs.  She did say it was a mild superpower). Continue reading What’s in a name? (or Let’s eat Pasta!)