Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik

Clare Bear: “Did you eat dinner last night?”

Me: [Furiously thinks: Am I super grumpy this morning? Have I been really cranky with everyone? Does Clare think I’m Hangry?!] “Yes, of course – why do you ask?”

Clare Bear: “Because you didn’t post a picture on your Instagram last night. I got worried.”

Me: …………

a decadent pile of four cheese & spinach mini maznik

As anyone who follows my Instagram knows, I might not have been blogging much the last year, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t cooking, and I certainly didn’t stop eating. Continue reading Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik

Celebrate Nachos, come on!


This is a salad.  Actually, this is four salads.  At least, that is what I would have told you this was going to be, had you asked me back in May, what was going up on the blog in June: four salads – one for each glorious week of the month of June.  That was The Plan.  Of course, we’re now in July and all we have is this: Not A Salad (also known as Nachos).

There are probably a few questions going through your head right now, such as:

  1. So you do make vaguely healthy stuff?
  2. Do all your plans turn out this way? and
  3. Why on earth would you make salads in the middle of the freakin’, freezing winter?

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