Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik

Clare Bear: “Did you eat dinner last night?”

Me: [Furiously thinks: Am I super grumpy this morning? Have I been really cranky with everyone? Does Clare think I’m Hangry?!] “Yes, of course – why do you ask?”

Clare Bear: “Because you didn’t post a picture on your Instagram last night. I got worried.”

Me: …………

a decadent pile of four cheese & spinach mini maznik

As anyone who follows my Instagram knows, I might not have been blogging much the last year, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t cooking, and I certainly didn’t stop eating. Continue reading Four Cheese & Spinach Mini Maznik

What’s in a name? (or Let’s eat Pasta!)

Alexa and Mini Alexa

When I started this blog, in my head I was aiming to post about once a month.  Louis and a few friends thought this was a little underdone and suggested I try for fortnightly.  One experienced blogger friend assured  me that I’d be pumping out weekly posts before I knew it… I think it is safe to say that my lowly expectations are far closer to the mark than my optimistic friends.  Work has been crazy busy, and I have spent the last two weeks living with a cold that must have come from one of the outer circles of hell.  As a result, I’ve been sitting on this post for over a month now.

_MG_8304-3 copy

I’m in complete awe of the bloggers who post several times a week, they are like the superwomen of this world.   Sure, some of them do this as a full time job, but then they also do things like write books and have babies, all while pumping out several scrumptious recipes a week.  Like I said, superwomen.  The closest thing I have to a superpower, is the uncanny ability to walk into any shop, and immediately point to the most expensive thing in there and declare ‘I want that’.  (Even this pales in comparison to my friend’s superpower: the uncanny ability to sing any 5ive, Backstreet Boys, Hanson or Spice Girls song released between 1996 and 2001, as well as all One Direction songs.  She did say it was a mild superpower). Continue reading What’s in a name? (or Let’s eat Pasta!)